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There are no successful business only successful people

There is always a debate on which come first? You are successful because you have a successful business or you are a successful person inside thats why your business is a success? Whatever your answer is - You are Right! However which one do you think will build a business to last beyond our generations?

Business is about 

Making Life Meaningful


Matching Problems with Solutions

Business Mindset

The truth in all that we do in business, it is always about making other’s lives better. When someone has a problem, and we have a solution to solve that specific problem, we have a MATCH, thus we have a business. When someone has a problem, and we do not have the solution to that problem, there is no match between the business and consumer, and there would be no business. On the other hand, when we have a solution and someone do not have a problem, we do not have a business either. Bottom line is, business is about solving other’s problems; and by solving their problems, we Make their Life Better and more Meaningful for them. With this consensus and understanding, we have a critical question for you, “Are you Making Life Meaningful for others? Are you Making Your Life Meaningful?” 

have solution no problem

Have solution but client don't have a problem = No Match No Business.

Have Problem With Solution

Client have problem, you have a solution = Perfect Match with Business.

Have Problem No solution

Client have problem, you don't have a solution = No Match No Business


Go Digital Or Go Obsolete

There are many skills that needed in order for an entrepreneur to succeed in his business. From sales skill to marketing skill, to presentation skill, to public speaking skill to leadership skill, communication skill. From EQ to CQ to crisis management to coaching skill to motivating skill to self analysis skill to adversity quotient to business procurement and many more. In today's world there is one more skill that is inevitable for all entrepreneurs of the 21 century, that is Digital Marketing skill and the abilities to put on those skill above to use online digitally. Almost everyone carries a mobile devices with them and everything they want they search online. The key is when they search are you the solution provider that can help them?


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Digital Distribution Channel Business
Ark Agent Basic Training

ARK Agent Basic Training consist of basic training on health knowledge, product knowledge, basic introduction to digital marketing, online trading skills, sales skill and the Basic Skill Training Bootcamp to equip our agents with strong foundation from entrepreneurship mindset to skillset.

Ark Agent Intermediate Training

ARK Agent Intermediate Training consist of Advance Skill Training Bootcamp, intermediate digital marketing trainings, leadership, money management, community building and the power of persuasion program.

Ark Agent Advance Training

ARK Agent Advance Training consist of advance digital marketing skill, human profiling behavioural science, coaching skills, business and self evaluation skills, crisis management skills and business development skills. We provide certification on Entrepreneurship Program by our NangYang Technology University Singapore (NTU) for those who wants to achieve academic certifications. 


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